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Recovery and Changing Direction

This is the post where I tell you the surgery went well, I’m recovering as expected and there’s not really anything dramatic to share, health wise.  Plenty to share, certainly, but I feel I need to get the health story out of the way first.

Once my uterus was removed and sent to pathology (sorry is that a bit TMI??  It’s all so ‘whatevs’ to me now), they confirmed I had Adenomyosis and fibroids and the surgeon found an odd set of mishaps in my pelvic cavity that were unexpected but easily fixed.  A piece of bowel was twisted and stuck in beneath the uterus.  Something that looked like Endo turned out not to be Endo when it went to pathology, and the Endo from the scan turned out to be a cyst which was jammed in there near the AWOL bowel.  Anyway, my house is back in order, bowel movements are a dream (who knew??) and I’m no longer in any pain from the surgery.   I’ve been feeling very light and optimistic about recovery, and apart from a few down days, I still feel pretty hopeful.  Thing is, I’m still experiencing many of my old patterns of pain, insomnia and fatigue.  Apart from improved bowel function, and a sort of ‘lightness’ of spirit,  there hasn’t been much change physiologically.  But that lightness is significant, and I know it’s early days, so I’m withholding judgement for now.  I’m starting a program of rehab style physiotherapy to help re-train muscles that may have been compensating for all the dysfunction in my pelvic cavity over the years.  And that’s pretty much it. Time to move on.

It’s been lovely spending the first half of winter in hibernate mode.  I’ve sat by the fire, made good use of blankets and pillows, done a heap of reading and been fussed over by friends and family.  Beautiful people have made us food and kept me company and the time has flown.  I’m ready to get back out into the world now though.  I have a lot to do.  Oh so much.  Surgery aside, the last few months have been transformational for me.  Something has been bubbling away under the surface, and it has finally started to reveal itself.  It always seemed to me that my health setbacks were a sign that I needed to stop what I was doing and redirect.  I felt this strongly even back in July when I closed my business and decided to focus on my health.  Back then I set the intention to do nothing unless that thing felt absolutely and powerfully right for me. For a long time, the only thing that felt right was to rest, meditate, read and reflect. And so I did.  I just had this feeling that when I stepped onto the right path, my energy would return.

A few months ago a powerful theme started to emerge. It appeared in my dreams, my conversations, even my Facebook feed.  I started getting strong intuitive desires to take action.  It was strange, unfamiliar and totally out of my comfort zone, and yet it felt right.  Righter than right. It felt more right than anything I’ve wanted to do since… well since ever.  And that, my friends is the new story.  The story that I am now called to start writing about.

BUT FIRST… I have to sort out all these crazy blog theme issues that came up when I shifted hosting providers a few months back.  And I really want to give this space a mini make-over to better reflect my new story.  Oh, and speaking of the new story, I need to figure out where to freaking start????  Sooo, watch this space and I’ll be back soon with something brand new.



  1. Emma Brace

    This is exciting; clarity through healing is liberating. Good luck

  2. Caroline

    I love it ?
    So happy for you and can’t wait to read the next instalment xxx

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