Are you ready to try this Slow Change thing?   I know the idea of a slower, simpler life appeals to many people, but in our busy, distracted, fast-paced lives it can seem worlds away.  It’s really not.  In fact you’re only one small change away from starting!  It’s true there are decisions to make, but they don’t have to be made all at once.  Small, slow changes are far less intimidating than overhauling your entire life overnight. Trying just one thing at a time means you can adjust and get comfy before deciding if it works for you.

Could You Make One Small Change ?

What if you could make just one small change, and try it out for a while?  No commitments, no need to turn your life upside down, no fear of failure.  Just one small change to your daily routine and only if it works out.   Sounds easy right?

One Small Change is a weekly challenge that could help you live a slower, simpler, more meaningful life.  If it sounds good, you can try it on.  That’s pretty much it.  If you love how a small change makes you feel, you keep it, or just take the best parts of what you learned and incorporate them into your life?  Of course some changes simply won’t suit your lifestyle, but hey – how will you know if you don’t try?

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The One Small Change challenge is now over.  You can still check out the One Small Change posts (they’re on your right – in the sidebar) or browse through the whole list of  One Small Change posts. and see how you go making one small change a week.  Give it a try!

One Small Change

Change one thing.  Change your mind.  Change your life.